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Cage system-the system can be diversified (laying hens, breeding chickens, broilers, brooding and breeding equipment) and adopts a new cage structure hanging net type;  The number of layers ranges from 3 to 10;  Single-feathered chickens occupy a large area.  All mesh sheets are coated with aluminum and zinc, and the service life is longer than that of the galvanized mesh sheet system.  The egg breakage rate can be effectively reduced by the 8-degree inclination of the bottom net of the chicken cage and the egg protection plate.  A trough with an inner circle can reduce feed waste and has high feed conversion rate.  The system has long service life and reliable functions.  Maximizing and rationally utilizing the building space, the top net adopts an encrypted top net, thus preventing the problems of chicken running and chicken pecking dung;  Our chicken raising equipment can be specially customized according to your needs!

1. Single-group chicken cages: the net length of single-group chicken cages is 1.8m, divided into 3 positions;  Each feed intake is 600mm; wide.  The cage depth is 650mm;;  The cage height is 430mm;;  650mm; high;  9 feathers per person;  Placeholder per chicken: 433cm2;;
2. Cage system: The whole cage net is made of aluminum-zinc alloy wire, an international environmental protection material produced by Tianye Riya Steel Co., Ltd. (Riya Co., Ltd.);  Its advantages are higher strength and stronger corrosion resistance than domestic common materials.  It has the function of incision self-healing.  After processing and manufacturing, the surface is smooth and free of burrs, thus greatly reducing the foot damage and egg damage rate of chickens;

3. Cage stand column and bracket system: Through reasonable structure and accurate positioning of rings, the full set of stand columns and brackets are molded from 275g galvanized sheet material and then directly locked with screws without any surface treatment.

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