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Feeding system-chain and traveling crane are used for feeding.  The chain feeding method can quickly and evenly distribute the feed to each cage position, feed evenly, and reduce the breeding operation cost to the greatest extent;  The driving feeding mode can ensure the uniform feeding of feed under the action of a flat feeder, and reduce the investment cost compared with chain feeding.  The feeding space for chickens is reasonable to allow the chickens to eat evenly.  The structure of the food trough is reasonable to prevent waste during feed.  The feed intake gate net has reasonable structure, reduces feed intake loss, and reduces chicken injury.  The traffic control mechanism is reasonable and accurately controls the feed supply.

1. The whole food trough is made of international environmental protection materials: Mg-Al-Zn alloy plate, without any surface treatment;

2. The trough designs the stress point into an arc shape through the mechanical principle, which makes the overall cage stronger and the surface more beautiful.

3. Feeding methods include: traveling crane feeding, chain feeding and auger feeding. The main thrust of this project is traveling crane feeding.

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