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In the first half of this year, China's report card on animal husbandry operation was released: the

Reporters learned from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that since this year, China's animal husbandry departments at all levels have thoroughly implemented the new development concept, guided structural adjustment, promoted industrial upgrading and promoted green development in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, and the overall operation of animal husbandry has shown a good trend.
The relationship between production and demand of major livestock products has gradually improved.  From the middle of January to the middle of May, the price of live pigs continued to decline. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs began to continuously issue early warning information through the media in March to guide the reduction of production capacity, supervise various localities to strengthen disease prevention and control and market supervision, and strengthen production guidance to help pig farmers tide over the difficulties.  Generally speaking, pig production has been steadily adjusted, pork market supply and marketing are orderly, the price of live pigs has gradually recovered from mid-May, and has now recovered to the cost line. Some pig farms with higher production and operation level have returned to the profit range.  The egg market is generally good at present.  From January to May, the average price of eggs in the main producing areas was 8.29 yuan per kilogram, up 42.9% year on year.  Broiler, beef cattle and mutton sheep have stable production and good breeding benefits.
The quality, benefit and competitiveness of animal husbandry development have been continuously improved.  Animal husbandry departments at all levels should firmly hold on to fine variety breeding, benchmarking and structural adjustment, accelerate the transformation of traditional animal husbandry, and focus on improving efficiency to promote the transformation of animal husbandry to high-quality development.  With the continuous promotion of livestock and poultry breeding, the improved breeding system has been continuously improved, and the application scope of genome technology has been expanded. The core species of major livestock species have been continuously improved in terms of source feeding rate and seed feeding capacity.  Improved breeding has led to improved production performance, with the daily age of live pigs reaching 100 kg of body weight falling from 170 days in 2012 to 163 days at present.  Through the establishment of standardized demonstrations, animal husbandry departments at all levels have deployed to carry out the 2018 creation activities, to explore a number of demonstration sites with high production efficiency, environmental friendliness, product safety and advanced management, and to cancel a demonstration site that has failed the examination.  At present, a total of 4,573 standardized demonstration farms for livestock and poultry breeding have been established.  By adjusting and optimizing the regional layout, the delineation of the forbidden zones has been basically completed, the total number of live pigs has been reduced by 34 million, the production of live pigs has been accelerated to areas with large environmental capacity, and the pressure on resources and environment in the southern water network area has been relieved.  The structure of livestock and poultry products has been upgraded, the backward production capacity of live pigs has been phased out, herbivorous animal husbandry has been steadily developed, the development and utilization of local livestock and poultry resources have been intensified, the supply of high-quality livestock products has been increased, and the vitality of characteristic animal husbandry such as horses, donkeys and bees has been enhanced.
Solid progress has been made in the recycling of aquaculture waste.  The central government has allocated 5 billion yuan to support 200 counties in promoting the recycling of livestock and poultry manure.  The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has issued the "Technical Guide for Estimating the Carrying Capacity of Livestock and Poultry Manure Land" and "Standard for Construction of Facilities for Resource Utilization of Livestock and Poultry Manure in Livestock and Poultry Scale Farms (for Trial Implementation)", with practical and feasible rules for operation.  The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Ecological Environment jointly issued the "Assessment Measures for Resource Utilization of Livestock and Poultry Breeding Wastes (Trial)" and the "Implementation Plan for Assessment of Resource Utilization of Livestock and Poultry Breeding Wastes in 2017", which started the assessment of the work of various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in 2017 and introduced a third-party assessment method.  The transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry and the accelerated pace of green development are expected to see the comprehensive utilization rate of livestock manure exceed 64% by the end of the year.
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