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Is there a large demand for 2019 eggs?


Since ancient times, the Chinese people have always liked to eat eggs, and there are many ways to use eggs, such as egg custard, boiled eggs, egg soup, egg cakes, etc. So many ways also show that China's demand for eggs is really great, so how big is China's demand?

China has always been a country that has the greatest demand for eggs. Every year, China consumes tens of millions of tons of eggs.  What a huge number, eggs are like an indispensable thing for every family in China. Every family consumes a lot of eggs every week.  According to statistics from a few years ago, China's annual per capita share has reached 18kg. Over the past few years, with the development of society and the improvement of productivity, the demand of everyone has increased.  I think this figure has certainly changed to an unknown size.
The annual egg production in our country is that the egg production starts to increase when the temperature gets warmer in spring and decreases when the weather is hot in summer.  The demand for eggs increased obviously after summer, and the demand for eggs was the greatest in autumn and winter.  This also has certain market orientation.

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