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1.Advantages of talent stock

The biggest competition in the 21st century is the excellent sales team of talent competition, deeply understanding the real needs of customers, has established a good customer relationship network; coupled with the technical team of precision automation in the electronic industry, and has the excellent management enterprise model of international cooperation of large enterprises, and cooperate with the breeding experts and environment control experts in the industry to build the most advantageous team in the industry.

2.Service Benefits

① Installation and Debugging: equipped with operation manual, on-site teaching, video materials teaching ( all customers can download the teaching materials according to the account number given by the company )

② Breeding consultation: equipped with breeding experts, experts of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences can be consulted ( on-site paid services, online message consultation, expert appointment consultation, ect. )

③ Supporting farms: for visiting and learning, together to explore the experience of breeding.

④ After-sales service:

(1) Equipped with special technical personnel in the installation of telephone calls, regular customer visit by salesman as a continuous product improvement project, and assist customers in carrying out on-site inspection.

(2) The vulnerable parts and spare parts are quipped with warehouse in the major sales areas for customers to access at any time; and a spare parts sales website is set up on the company’s website, Taobao, which relies on electronic logistics to send them to customers.

(3) To sign a paid maintenance and repair agreement with the customer, regularly help the customer maintenance, problems can be remote guidance to deal with, cannot deal with the subregion, send to repair!

(4) All customer’s original drawings, materials, file retention! Can be consulted by customers at any time! And establish customer resume( overhaul record, replacement parts, setting change)

3. Product Benefits

① According to the needs of the market to formulate the company’s product standards, and then according to the specific needs of each customer for private customization or selection, continuous technological innovation, patent layout, design low-cost, high-quality products.

② In the production, the lean production mode is adopted to reduce the waste of all links.  Production equipment, using less people, high efficiency, automation-based equipment, in order to improve product accuracy and reduce labor costs.

③ Invest a lot of product research and development expenses, research high-end products mainly( AI intelligent control management, welfare farming development), so that farmers can use and ease.

4. Quality Advantage

① The selected materials have been carefully selected, such as the new anticorrosion automatic healing Q235 high strength elastic wire, the column support all use anticorrosive high strength galvanized sheet, the service life is as long as 20 years.

② The structure design enhances the durability of the product, such as the trough design is designed according to the mechanical strengthening principle, and the bearing capacity is heavier, which greatly prolongs the service life of the trough.

③ Production process from raw material feed acceptance, each production process for quality control, maintain all process quality records, and keep relevant records for traceability.

④ The installation process also carries on the quality acceptance, as each installer’s quality performance control.

⑤ In the process of customer use, after-sales telephone customer, carry out quality return visits, collect customer use status. Timely improve and deal with customer product.

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